Sometime between last night and this morning I gained twenty followers. I knew where they had come from. Nearly a year after typing up this post, it’s going around again. I gave Tumblr a little boy in a dress and he is loved. 

This is Tristin today. Six years old. He’s off and on insisting being called Max and hates being called munchkin. He’s usually the first to wake up and get dressed. He asked for a mohawk but rarely has me spike it up. He’s obsessed with Hello Kitty and My Little Pony and not afraid of telling everyone. 

This smile was after I told him 24,000 people loved his picture with the dress. I hadn’t been telling him any updates, after the first huge rush last year and he hadn’t asked. He is completely shocked but thrilled. He wears that Tumblr Famous shirt I made him pretty regularly. 

It’s amazing how much his confidence has just shot up in the last year. There have been some bullies and with a little bit of help from big brother, it ended quickly. He knows that it’s absolutely okay to like what he does, the same way one of his girl friends loves Transformers and ninjas. As much as people want to define things as “boys” or “girls”, things are things and it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. Colors are just colors and heck yes unicorns are awesome. 

A couple weeks ago a friend had asked him why he’s wearing a girl shirt (his blue Hello Kitty shirt) and he says “It’s not a girl’s shirt, it’s mine.” Damn right it is. 

I freaking LOVE this kid. I don’t care what anyone says, this kid. My god. <3

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